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Greetings Cards

Greetings cards in todays marketplace are many and varied, as are the shops that sell them. At the 'Paper Gallery' we have set out to provide cards that are different to those you will find in the large multi-national retailers, stores and supermarkets.

As an independent retailer we are aware that our customers are looking for cards and presents that reflect not only their own contemporary design criteria but also those of the recipient.

For this reason we buy our products from over 100 different small and medium sized producers each of whom bring a unique and individual style to our shop. Small producers of greetings cards are at the cutting edge of a design led industry which is why you will find so many unique trends in greeting card designs when you visit the Paper Gallery.

As well as Birthday and blank cards we carry a wide selection of cards for all those special occasions as well as cards for special ages, relations and children.

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